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Planting fields of black roses...
THE SEEDS (Mission)


Black and White Pattern
Black Medicine

here we


Creating safe Black spaces is our medicine. It's the foundation for healing. To know that we can genuinely be who we are; proud of our culture and proud of our colour, in a world that leaves little room for us to even breathe.

BLACK HABITS PROJECT (BHP) is a nonprofit, creating safe spaces that uplift the social, economical, educational and wellbeing of the Black diaspora within our local communities.
Friendship Symbol: Black People Holding




For more than 400 years people of colour (PoC) have been marginalized. In modern day society, that marginalization has been masked with mild attempts of “inclusion,” while still categorizing us as “other.The prevalence of marginalization is magnified by the mistreatment of people of colour, especially those with darker skin.


Our culture, identity, dignity and pride has been striped away from us, regurgitated, fed-to and consumed by non-people of colour as “Pop Culture.” This has left PoC  with little to no room to experience life on our terms. 


But through our naturally resilient nature, we’ve been resourceful; creating new traditions, customs and culture by integrating what was left, with what was given. We’ve cooked up soul food, influenced fashion, penned masterpieces, melodized intoxicating music, danced carnival celebrations and crafted inventions that have changed the world! And yet, we’ve continued to live in a society that dictates how we are perceived by the world— in some of the most heinous ways.

And still we rise!

Relaying foundations over and over again, brick by brick… 

For centuries colonialism has pitted us against each other, dividing us by skin-tone, keeping us apart because together we have phenomenal, irrepressible strength.

"Give me my flowers…"

James Cleveland sang, “Give me my flowers while I yet live. So that I can see the beauty that they bring,” and Daniel ‘D Smoke’ Farris suggested black roses, in his song Black Habits. 

Black roses- A symbol of new beginnings, growth and change... 

The changes we seek are not only from within, but from the society that we live in.

Our black roses need to come in the form of breaking personal indoctrination and domestication, society's view on people of colour, with an emphasis on not only being alive, but the QUALITY of life. We’re worthy of more than just breath. 

Our black roses need to normalize black lives: culture, wellness, mental health, art, literature, music + entertainment, style, language and so on; as black, without appropriation to deem it as acceptable.

Our black roses need to amplify that we are not outdated stereotypes. We are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters. Entrepreneurs, business execs, scholars, artists, scientists and doctors.

It's time for our bouquet of roses.





Black Excellence

Reclaiming our lives, reclaiming our history

Black Dollars

get money.png

Raising the bar on black earned dollars within black communities


Black Love

Rewriting our stories of the 7 types of love

THE ROOTS (Outreach)


BHP's generated revenue helps to facilitate community based experiences in education for PoC and re-education for non-PoC. We implement health + wellness within our communities and social safe spaces for our people.

THE STEMS (Biz Revenue)
Leaf Pattern Design




 Jewel Child Doula Collective 


BHP introduces its subsidiary business

JEWEL CHILD DOULA COLLECTIVE Offering prenatal and postpartum support, childbirth education, lactation consultation, maternal fitness and wellness programs all from Afro-diasporic cultural lens. 

Jewel Child's mission is to increase maternal health for expectant families, education and advocacy for birthing persons of Colour as well training programs for aspiring birth-workers of Colour within a marginalized and systemically anti-Black healthcare system. 

Through Jewel Child's work, BHP intends to have a positive impact on maternal and infant mortality rates within the BIPoC community.







Image by Nathan Dumlao

Iron Butterfly Karate-Do 

IRON BUTTERFLY KARATE-DO was founded in 1983 by Master Theo Belle who dedicated his life to building self confidence, discipline, honour and self respect in the lives of underprivileged youth across the GTA.

After Master Belle's ascension, Sensei Patricio Belle honoured his father's legacy and has brought IRON BUTTERFLY to Black Habits Project, continuing to inspire and work with youth in areas of mental stimulation, emotional regulation, self-confidence and physicality. 

Sensei Belle also focuses on men's mental and physical wellness through brotherhood, physical training and emotional stimulation.

Website coming soon, please email us for more info and to register for a class

On noW...

COMinG SoOn...


African American Kids Dancing

Black safe spaces are crucial to Black lives!
Without room to freely explore our cultures, identity, languages, food and self-expression, can we truly say we're living?

Check out our calendar for upcoming BHP curated events. 

From guest speakers, to poetry slams, paint nights, cooking classes, yoga + meditations, open mics, art exhibits and more.



Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 2.05.07 PM.png

 Join the Black Habits Rotation program and earn points, discounts & special offers when you shop  black-owned 

CONSUMERS: Raise the bar and circulate more than 2% of black earned $$ throughout black-owned businesses with your own BHP Card. 

BIZ OWNERS: See an influx in your business's revenue by joining BHP's ROTATION program, offering promo services, networking events, BHP board membership



Every dollar spent on unique BHP apparel goes back into funding the BHP community and keeping BHP alive. This includes complimentary events, classes + workshops, youth mentorship programs and grants.

Shop Black Habits for fashion forward Black pride merch.


Black Habits Project Working Board of Directors

SHANI— BHP Founder

Shani Charles


As a black business owner, Shani understands the importance of supporting other black businesses to ensure the economic progression of black entrepreneurship and black-earned dollars within the black community, as well as amplifying black voices for social change.

Shani believes that successful leadership is achieved with a willingness to be a student; continually learning and growing with the community. She is passionate about cultural identity, discovering, exploring and re-learning black history.

My Black Habit is... Exemplifying Black joy

Nadine Levy brings 20 years of experience in Customer Service and over a decade  in Corporate Training to Black Habits Project. Her knowledge and expertise in these fields displays itself as Director of Governance, in her guidance of the Board, ensuring each director is executing their role in a way that positively impacts and represents the BHP community.


Nadine's focus on the Nonprofit sector has her currently pursuing her degree in Public Administration and Governance at Ryerson University. Her goal is to facilitate programs that aim to educate and support the current and future generations of Black Entrepreneur

My Black Habit is...
Normalizing Black mental health


Nadine Levy

Nadine Levy—BHP Director of Governance
Chauncey Downer-Hincks— Director of Research and Records

With an education in psychology and English Literature and a passion for art and self-expression Chauncey is BHP’s youngest director, providing a refreshing voice for black youth. As Director of Research and Records Chauncey helps to push the boundaries of black cultural knowledge and develop new skills and techniques that expand the experiences of the community.

Chauncey provides fact-checking, research, resources and ensures accountability toward BHP’s outreach initiatives and social connection to the communities that are served.


Chauncey Downer-Hincks

My Black Habit is...

learning from my mistakes


My Black Habit is...
promoting Black wellness

Patricio Belle


Patricio descends from an infamous lineage of community service and dedication as the son of Master Belle, the original founder of IRON BUTTERFLY KARATE-DO INSTITUTE.  

Patricio has been an active member in the not-for-profit sector as a Black Belt Sensei for over 25 years and continues to exemplify his expertise and dedication to community wellness with an emphasis on youth mentorship, self-respect, physical wellbeing and self-defence and regulation.

THE FOOD (Donate)


THE WATER (Contact Us)
Donation Type

Thank you for your support!

Rap Musicians



Sometimes it takes a village to maintain a beautiful garden. Each bud and bloom has a specific need to allow it to flourish and even then, it takes time to grow. But with love, kindness, dedication and care, miraculous transformation happens right before our eyes. 

THE BLACK HABITS PROJECT is a Soul Purpose initiative, created by BIPoC who are tired of "the same old" and are ready to take a stand, answer the Ancestral call and be one of the many voices required for much needed systemic change. But we can't do it alone and need your help! 

We are grateful for any and all support. Currency in all its forms is needed to continue to uplift our people. We greatly value the currency of time, the currency of dollars, the currency of prayers, rituals and positive vibes and the currency of goods.


We humbly thank you for whatever you are able to offer the project and will continue to do the work as long as it is necessary ( always!)

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